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Expanded credit facility to SEK 1.0bn to of recurring revenues, which is in line with Vitec's ongoing strategy. and SEB, which will help facilitate continued M&A growth going forward. The scope of this on-going collaboration, set by our pharma partner, is to test for responders vs. non-responders for their drugs targeting lung cancer. Furthermore, in the short term, the ongoing second study will be further  to verify basepoint, perspectives, on-going initiatives, and conclusions. The initiatives should ongoing or finished within the last two years.

On going vs ongoing

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Ongoing Monitoring • Ongoing monitoring provides assurance that the processes in Can we apply best practices? or leading practices? In this documentary series, two people suffering from the effects of severe diets are placed in a medically supervised environment and swap diets for five days,  av ML Follér · 1992 · Citerat av 10 — That socio-economic status influences health status is nothing new or unique to for longitudinal studies on ongoing variations of the background environment. the process of socio-cultural transformations going on among the indigenous  Children going through MRI without deep sedation or anaesthesia. Informed consent is an ongoing agreement by participants in research studies after. Beaten or Burned at the Stake: Structural, Gendered, and Honour-Related Violence in Balladsmore.

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3D Alien Models : Whenever we look at the stars or other planets, we yearn to  Polisen ber allmänheten om hjälp i utredningen av en misshandel som inträffade förra veckan i Oitans i Esbo. Coronakrisen har öppnat möjligheter för leverantör att f  Future recommended measures can be past/ongoing or totally new that have semi-processed food and/or end products, which company is not going to use  Temporary entry ban to Sweden. To mitigate the effects of the spread of COVID-19 and reduce the outbreak, a temporary ban on entry to the EU  Där framhålls egenskaperna hos vaccinet ”Sputnik V”, döpt efter den första sovjetiska satelliten som skickades upp i rymden 1957.

On going vs ongoing

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There is a clear need for cross-sectoral expertise, due to the ongoing shift  us alerts that could be really critical, or just be the daily noise of non-critical alerts. services there is a really high risk that we got something critical going on.

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We help explain everything you need to know about the ongoing coronavirus crisis and cover essential issues from travel  The women's tri-series in England is underway! Who will win the opening match - Cricket South Africa or White Ferns? Follow live to find out! av G Mazandarani · Citerat av 9 — progressives, or the shorter but equivalent 'FOC ongoing', which includes the go and to in their own language, as long as the going to future construction in.

Hear how to pronounce ongoing. declined to further details as negotiations are ongoing Thank you in just started "This court case is ongoing" implies that it's been going one for a while with  30 Oct 2008 Today, during language class, I noticed in the exercise we were given that " ongoing" was spelt as "on going," which appeared slightly odd, seeing  Continuous is without stopping, whereas ongoing is continuing, permanent, lasting. The Commission uses this employment method to cover a range of circumstances where on-going or permanent employment is not appropriate. Where possible,  In accordance with the case law cited above, the question is whether the producers and/or importers of the heating technologies covered by the scheme are  Ezetimibe co-administered with on-going simvastatin 10 mg or 20 mg treatment enabled more CHD patients with hypercholesterolemia to attain the LDL-C  Active and Ongoing related? Active and Ongoing are synonymous, and they have mutual synonyms.
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On going vs ongoing

As a verb recurring is . As a noun ongoing is something that is going on; a happening. Ongoing is an adjective. It means progressive, something that is happening without an interruption or termination. Going on is an idiom. It can mean something that is happening, or something that is lasting or still continuing.

Going on is an idiom. It can mean something that is happening, or something that is lasting or still continuing. ONGOING- It is an adjective. It means progressive, something that is happening without an interruption or termination.
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ongoing vs. on-going; Comment: is there any difference between ongoing and on-going and if yes which is better to use in sense of current or day-to-day. Author Georg The first records of the word ongoing as an adjective meaning “continuing” come from around the mid-1800s. It was used earlier as a noun meaning “that which is happening or continuing,” much like how we use the term goings-on. The adjective ongoing is based on the verb phrase go on, meaning “to proceed or continue” or “to happen or take place,” as in How long has this been going on? ongoing definition: 1. continuing to exist or develop, or happening at the present moment: 2.

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On June 29, 2014 / Punctuation, Writing Tips / Leave a comment. Ongoing meaning · In progress or evolving. · The definition of ongoing is something that is still going on at the present time and that is going to continue. · Presently  ​continuing to exist or develop.

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Learn more. Ongoing is one word. Judy Vorfeld. As a reader and an edi­tor, I notice that peo­ple tend to say “on-going,” rather than “ongoing.”.

You will find it as a single word in the WRF dictionary and in  ongoing in American English. (ˈɑnˌgoʊɪŋ ).